Ideas for online teaching and learning design*

An in-progress + collaborative project**

*design as in: graphic, industrial, product, communication, media, visual, video, fashion, textile, web, interface, UX, animation, game, typeface … (**inspired by the Decolonizing Design Reader initiated by Ramon Tejada &  MAKING & BEING by Susan Jahoda and Caroline Woolard of BFAMFAPhD)

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While universities are pushing the start of this year's summer semester* backward due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it remains unclear when university activities will return to normal. *Writing from the perspective of Berlin, Germany, March 13, 2020

In order to continue teaching, online lectures seem to be an obvious solution. However, many teaching formats and seminars in design education rely on collaborative processes instead of one-directional lecture formats.

As we’re starting to write up alternative course plans to teach and learn collaboratively with our students online we’re wondering:
What tools are there to work on group assignments that are open source? Can we translate our exercise on perspectives to a virtual format? How can we translate teaching formats which are conceptualized to work in and with a space? How can we for example play an introduction-game to get to know each other, via video-call?
What could be a fun way to present research to a group?

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