Screenshot of our first conversation with Karolina Krupickova, Pras Gunasekara and Oluwatomilola Adefioye.

Teaching Design CONVERSATIONS continued …

Conversational series facilitated with Judith Leijdekkers for Teaching Design.

“Hanging out, talking, sharing stories, engaging in sweet dialectical exchange ushered me into a community of committed, engaged thinkers that had heretofore been absent from my life.”
bell hooks

Since coming together with like-minded people during our two-week temporary library in which we hosted different kinds of conversational formats – we still draw from the meaningful encounters and discussions we had. This experience encouraged us to continue the conversations as a way of sharing practices, perspectives and experiences.

With Teaching Design Conversations continued..., we reflect on design education through dialogues – as a means to facilitate space for critical reflection and the production of counter-knowledge. We are working towards a more collective approach to transform design education and an expansion on what design can be and do. Conversations are held with educators, students, alumni and staff. Institutionally established education as well as self-organised initiatives and independent practitioners are included.

The dialogue is a format that is embraced in feminist and decolonial discourses. A dialogue – in comparison to e. g. a lecture, a panel discussion or an interview – means listening, giving each other time to speak, taking each other seriously and allowing differences to exist.

Due to COVID-19, the conversations currently happen over video calls. Each conversation is recorded by us and then edited into a written format. Since the topics discussed are unavoidably political and personal at times, we find it important to be respectful and sensitive with terms and ways of putting ideas into words. Therefore, the editing is done in close collaboration with our conversational partners.

Screenshot of our fifth conversation with Katharina Brenner, Luisa Herbst, Destina Atasayar and Lucie Jo Knilli.
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Oluwatomilola (Tomi) Adefioye, Pras Gunasekera and karolina krupickova, 19.6.2020
Claude Nasser and Ruben Pater, 30.6.2020
Alice Wong and Simpson Tse, 15.6.2021
Benedetta Crippa and Johanna Lewengard, 20.9.2021
Katharina Brenner, Luisa Herbst, Destina Atasayar and Lucie Jo Knilli, 13.7.2021

Conversations continued… is made possible with the kind support of Stimuleringsfonds