Recipes for Connecting

with the A–Z Collective, 23/11/2023–24/02/2024

Recipes for Connecting is a project by the A—Z Collective, featuring “recipe” submissions from an international group of creatives, community builders, kids-at-heart, collectives, educators, and other cohorts who believe in the power of a simple idea to bring people closer together.

These “recipes” illustrate many different methods of connecting—offering practical social tools, humorous prompts, gentle reminders, alternative structures of communication, and scrumptious meals. Together they create a patchwork of insights into “connecting” on individual, interpersonal, human, non-human, and collective levels.  

With Recipe contributions by:
Alex Jordan, Alina Frieske, Andrea Tinnes, Andreas Koch, Anja Lutz, Anne Christin Plate, April Gertler, Catrin Sonnabend, Claudia de la Torre, Clemens Gensch, Cindy Moorman, Daniel Pearce, Elaine Lopez, Eloise Hammermeister Smith, Emily Smith, Eunjung Kwak, Francesco Pini, Gregory Cowling, George Titheridge, Hanna Müller, Hounyeh Kim, Ivana Jecmenica, Josepha Conrad, Joshua Duttweiler, Judy Smith, Karen Ruge, Katherine May, Kristina Wedel, Lana Belton, Lan Kroeger, Laura Meseguer, Lisa Baumgarten, Maarten Janssen, Manuela Eichner, Marin Griffith, Mio Kojima, Molly Haig, Natalia Lombardo, Niklaus Troxler, Patrick Lacey, Paul Steinmann, Pia Steiner, Rachael Dunstan, Radna Rumping, Ramon Tejada, Sarah Boris, Sevinç Lenglachner, Siri Lee Lindskrog/Formal Setting, Silvia Sfligiotti, Sofia Harley, Stephanie Marie Cedeño, Susan Ploetz and Tulah Stanford.

Kurimanzutto Art Gallery as part of Index Art Book Fair in Mexico City, 18–21/1/2024

The School for Somatic Design Practices, hosted by Emma Hoette, Sara Kaaman, Susan Sentler, Silvia Sfligiotti, Emily Smith, Vivien Tauchmann, Micaela Terk
26/11/2023 Recipes for Connecting through Design Pedagogy, hosted by Lisa Baumgarten
at Kurimanzutto Art Gallery as part of Index Art Book Fair in Mexico City

Recipes for Connecting is printed on different colours of SURBALIN glatt 115 g/qm and 300 g/qm, kindly provided by peyer cover. The cardboard was kindly provided by Druckerei zu Altenburg.

A collective project by the A–Z Collective:
Emily Smith, Anja Lutz, Eunjung Kwak, Francesco Pini,
Gregory Cowling, Ioana Ferariu, Kelly Diepenbrock, Lisa Baumgarten,
Pia Steiner, Sofia Harley, Alina Frieske, Manuela Dos Santos

The A—Z Collective took shape in early 2023 with the purpose of
exploring what we as designers might learn from a more conscious way
of working as a collaborative whole. We have since learned through
our various projects, including the Super Collective Market (which ran in
this space from July-Sept 2023), how an experimental approach
to graphic design can provide new ways of practicing, playing, connecting,
communicating, and depending on one another.