AGAR AGAR. The jelli Magazine

Concept, Art Direction and Graphic Design. Collaboration with performance artist Lucie Schroeder.

“Made of formed as well as movable matter, jelli symbolizes the instability of what is there, what is real. Whoever decides between reality and fiction has the power of interpretation – ideally all of us! jelli propagates the desire to play with different realities - and thus the desire to think. Because where several parallel interpretations can be imagined, a temporary vision of how we can live together emerges: the acceptance of multiple life realities. Thus jelli refers to a necessary attitude in our future society.”
Photographs of the performance by Pedro Torres.

The magazine was released in November 2018 during the performance AIYU performing jelli at Galerie Vorwerkstift, Hamburg and is part of the jelli Triptychon.

Exhibited again in May 2019 as part of the exhibition Grande Finale 2019 at Galerie Vorwerkstift, Hamburg.

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